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(*Undergraduate researcher; articles 15-18 completed at Augsburg and provided as .pdfs)


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Published Papers

Papers in Preparation

Burt, O., M.L. Beckman. A Daphnia magna model for manganese toxicity. Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology – Part C, Toxicology. Submission in process. 

McDonnell, R.J., *Sneed, R., Ott, M., M.L. Beckman. The Role of Dopamine in the Appendage Movements Associated with Swimming and Feeding in Daphnia magna (for submission to J Exp  Biol, summer 2017)

Grafelman, M.L. Beckman. Characterization and staging of Daphnia magna eye development (for submission to Peer J, late fall/early fall/winter 2017)

Enrici, A, Staffaroni, R, M.L. Beckman. Stacked Actin “Donuts” in the Basal Bead of the Daphnia magna First Antennae Setae: Phalloidin staining of the basal bead in the chemosensory setae of Daphnia magna (for submission to Arthropod Structure and Development in late summer/early fall 2017).

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